Financial Information

The majority of the Town Council’s income comes from the precept, which is collected by East Suffolk Council as part of the council tax. The Council receives no funding from local business rates nor funding directly from central government. Each year the Town Council sets a budget which provides the funds for its work and improvements in the Town 

The Town Council adopts a detailed budget each year which reflects the priorities and duties of the Council.    

 This year the budget ensures that there is no increase in the Town Council’s element of council tax  for 2021-22. 

 The budget includes provision for the following projects: 

  • Additional funding for Covid-19 community cohesion projects  
  • The development of an events programme to encourage people to visit the town 
  • Increasing the usage of the Market and Market Hall 
  • Improvements the Town Centre environment and to the Memorial Field 
  • Continuing supporting local organisations with the provision of small grants 
  • Improvements to how the council communicates and engages positively and effectively with all parts of the local community including the development of a new website 

The Council’s annual budget gives an estimated detail of income and expenditure for the year and the management of Council’s income and expenditure is delivered through its various Committees, monitored by the Resources & Finance  Committee and Town  Council.