Tim Lock

Tim Lock

I’velived in Sax for just four years and I love it: the town, its friendly people, the shops and the wonderful local produce. I chair the Council’s Resources Committee and I’m particularly interested in developing the town centre, improving the station area and making the High Street better for pedestrians.

I love Saxmundham and have lived here for 5 years now.  I am chair of the
Amenities Committee and have taken a leading role in getting new facilities at
the Memorial Field and in refurbishing the Council offices opposite the station
and the market hall. I am passionate about working to make Saxmundham a
better place to live and work.  My long-term hope is to achieve a café
culture environment by encouraging new business and reducing the traffic in the
high street.

Committees: Planning and Development, Amenities and services, Market Hall Management, Gannon Institute Management

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