Update from Suffolk Police: Ways to get in touch

Ways you can communicate with Suffolk Police

Suffolk Police have issued the following advice for Town Councils to share regarding communication with your local police force:

When wishing to report something:

When wishing to report something, the easiest way is to do so using the on-line reporting tool from the Suffolk Constabulary website here: 

Suffolk Police – Report Something

If you wish to report an historic crime (after the event), use this link: Suffolk Police – Report Crime.

To report a crime being committed, always dial 999.


These on-line reporting tools produce the same result as the reporting person dialling the non-emergency Tel. No. 101, but without the wait associated with the telephone method. The person will receive an Investigation No. via e-mail, often within an hour of sending the report. For those with no internet access, it may save time to ask a friend or family member who does, to report on their behalf, as queues on the 101 system can be excessive due to demand.

New intelligence email address

Suffolk Police also has a new e-mail address for the public to provide intelligence information An example of the use of this might be if you’d like to let us know about suspected drug dealing or other possible or suspected criminality. Notice I’ve used the term “suspected”. If you’re sure a crime has occurred, contact us on-line or via 999.   

Police Connect

Suffolk Police offers a free e-mailing facility called ‘Police Connect’ which provides up to date information we would like you to know about the area you live. We us PC to provide information about crime in the area of Suffolk you tell us you want to know about.  Please subscribe here: Police Connect

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